How to install Infuse Pro on my ATV4

Hi everybody, i’m new on this and yesterday i installed infuse (free version) on my Apple TV 4th gen, shared a folder from my Mac with some movies in it and played it on the Apple TV, some movies played well but one of them said that i should upgrade to Infuse pro version cause audio format was AC3, so i clicked the upgrade button on the screen and the movie played as i expected (so it seems my free version becomes a pro version, but im not sure of this), everything went ok. Here my questions, later i tried to install the Infuse Pro App into the Apple Tv (so this way i´ll be sure to have installed the Pro Version) but seems that is going to charge me again the 10 dollar tag. I thought that i was going to have the chance to install infuse pro version on my apple tv (cause i already paid for it). Other question is, If i want to install Infuse Pro for ipad i have to pay 10 dollars more? Where i can find a list of differences between the free and pro versions? Thanks in advance for your information and advice.

If you used the inapp purchase option on the free version then you will have the pro features. In the next release it will be more obvious as when you go into the Settings it will tell you the Pro features are enabled. These are exactly the same features you would have if you started with the (paid) pro version instead of upgrading the free version.