How to install firefox in the Apple TV 2.3


How to install firefox in the Apple TV 2.3

Where I can find the instruction for this?


Use the how-to here and just be sure to transfer FireFox directly from the DMG download to the Applications folder inside of frontrow. You can use Fugu or CyberDuck to transfer FireFox.


madcran thanks for answer.

I read your instruction. But, only transfer the file to apple tv and is ready to use? I not need to run any command for run the .dmg firefox?


transfer first the file to a correct folder a then run the smart installer?

I will test tonight…


I put the firefox.dmg in the correct folder a run the smart installer but I have the follow error:

Install Partial or Failed

[213] nitoHelper[274] Root filesystem already writable

[213] mach_kernel.prelink already patched or unrecognized

[213] kextloader already installed!

[213] bins installed successfully!

[213] no files to install returning

What I need to do?
I not see the firefox icon in the apple tv

Please any help…

working now



How did you get this to work, I also copied the Firefox 3.0.6.dmg to the /Users/frontrow/Applications directory but now what? I ran the Smart Install but that give me the same error you received before your last post.

Just an update,

I copied the Firefox application from my Mac Application folder to the AppleTV Applications folder and that seems to work, only problem is I could not get out of it, even if I close all windows I only see the Apple logo. Pressing Menu or play/pause on remote did not seem to work at all.

Any suggestion what steps I am missing ?

To exit the application, press menu while it is still open. The application will automatically close and return you to the main menu.

I did the same and have the same error message after running Smart Install. I still do not see Firefox under Application after the restart. So how did you make it work Wixpo? Any luck yet Jacobotha?

After running the Smart Installer, the Firefox application will need to be transferred to the Apple TV via FTP.

Follow steps #2 and 3 here.

As I have mentioned, I did exactly what other users have posted. I have FTP the file “Firefox 3.0.6.dmg” to my AppleTV’s /Application folder and still got identical error messages after the smart install. I really wished your wiki had more helpful or specific instructions instead of a short generalized statement in installing applications.

  1. Run the nitoTV Smart Installer (for keyboard/mouse support)

What exactly is this Wiki trying to say on installing aplications? I need to run the Smart Installer first so I can get keyboard/mouse support? Is this also saying that Applications wont work if you dont have a keyboard/mouse plugged in?

  1. Connect to the Apple TV via FTP.
  1. Copy the application you wish to use to the Applications folder on the Apple TV.

Copy specifically what file am I suppose to FTP to the Application folder? DMG file? Im a Windows user, where do I find these files I can install like Firefox? I downloaded Firefox 3.0.6.dmg, which I got from Mozilla’s Mac version download. These Wiki instructions are just so vague.

The file that should be copied is actually the Firefox application itself. If you’re on Windows, it makes it a little more difficult to achieve, but not impossible.

  1. Download Firefox DMG
  2. Download a free trial of Mac Drive
  3. Using Mac Drive, open the downloaded Firefox DMG and extract the file
  4. Transfer the file to the Applications folder on the Apple TV

I have successfully installed Firefox to the appletv how ever when I launch the app through nito the screen is black and nothing else seems to happen, sometimes I am able to back out of it however I usually have to reboot the finder to get back to the menu. Is this a bug or is there more items that need to be installed. I should note the several versions prier to atv flash 3.5 Firefox used to work ok… resolution of the apple tv is set at 1080i.

Thanks and I was able to extract the Firefox apps and FTP to the /Application folder. After following this process I am able to go to NitoTV - Aplication and run Firefox but just like wjohan I get a black screen with a mouse/arrow at the top left corner. I cant exit from this screen by pressing menu. I tried to let it sit for half an hour and still cant exit but had to reboot the ATV.

Please help.

What version of Apple TV software are you running? What resolution is your screen set to?

I’m using Apple TV 2.3 with TV resolution of 1080i.

For some reason there seems to be an issue with 1080i and application launching. We’ll look into it, and see if we can find a fix.

Try changing your resolution to 720p, and everything should work as expected.

Sorry for the trouble.

Hi every body

I think Firefox are correctly installed in my ATV, but my remote don´t work,
version 2.3
aTV Flash - Mac
version 3.5.4

from Spain


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