How to install DVD Playback or Video Player


On the video on the atv flash (black) page, you show how to playback *.mkv files or dvd's. Are these features already available? I searched them in my installation (latest beta) but i couldn't find anything like this to install.

Thanks for your help.



I can play back .mkv files using XBMC just like any other video file type. In case it matters I am doing this off a Windows (SMB) share, and these are mainly in 720p x264 format. Higher resolution ones (1080p) seem to be less reliable, but I have not done much investigation of this yet.

For dvd images (.iso), I find that they start if I select the file in XBMC, and I get up the initial menu, but then XBMC crashes and I am back at the Lowtide screen. This is tantalsingly close, but not yet usable.