How to improve playback speed with infuse when its fast with other apps?

I use an app called air video HD for streaming videos from NAS. It’s super fast, starts playing immediately and no buffering while playback.

I switched to Infuse, the playing is very slow. It takes 20-30seconds before the video starts playing and any scrubbing results in more loading.

How can I improve this? I think AirVideoHD has an advantage because it has a dedicated server. But how can I make infuse better? Does it matter how I share the files? Right now I think it defaults to SMB.

Yes. Having a dedicated server will speed things up. Lots of people use plex for that reason. Smb wasn’t designed for streaming but lots of people still use it because they don’t want to have another server running

Even on SMB it should not take that long, though. My movies tend to start within a couple seconds. Try doing a Speedtest through Infuse share settings

wait what? infuse is not designed for streaming? I thought thats the only thing it does? What does infuse do??

I just did a speed test and it’s 20Mbps for average, but varies by each file

Not infuse, I said smb. Anyways 20Mbps is quite slow. Probably have a network issue. Try testing everything connected to Ethernet and see. In general I’ve seen people with 100+ on good WiFi and 250+ with Ethernet.

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A few questions that may help figure out what’s going on.

First, what version of Infuse and are you using the free version or a pro subscription.

Second, what device and model are you using? Apple TV, Mac, iPhone, etc?

Have you let Infuse complete it’s initial scan and fetching of metadata?

What kind of files are you seeing issues with? x265, 4K, mkv, mov, etc?

The latest free version from the appstore

Using it to stream on my iPad Pro 2018

No I’ve not let it complete the scan.

I’m streaming h264 mp4s

Since you are on an iOS and it is most likely WiFi I am guessing it is your WiFi network causing the slower speeds

This will slow things down some until Infuse is able to gather all the info to support the metadata and library. You can go to the Library section of the settings and there it will give you status messages on what Infuse is doing.

What are you streaming from? It could also be the security overhead if your server is trying to use SMB3. There’s a setting in saved shares where you can set it from auto to SMB2 SMB1 or Legacy. Legacy may be a help with the speed also.

Is there a way to turn off the scan I don’t need the metadata

I’m streaming from a Mac mini using macOS shared folder

There’s a setting that does turn off metadata fetching and the users guide for settings is here.

Also there are several other users guides that may give you a better overview of what you can do in Infuse here.

Already was off and still very slow

The status says fetching content for media. Not sure what that means

It’s getting the size, audio specs, names, video codecs, etc.

Make sure that embedded metadata is turned off also.

When it finishes, you’ll get a “Last updated…” message there with a date and time.

Also, as munpip214 said, 20Mbps is pretty slow. I’d suggest you try changing the SMB from Auto to Legacy first and then try SMB2 if that doesn’t seem to help.

Trying a different protocol other than SMB would not hurt either.

So from Mac or NAS? Macs in general don’t do well with SMB streaming. Reason I switched over to a dedicated NAS.

Fetching and metadata wont really impact speed of streaming. There could be some latency between stopping the fetching and starting a video but I believe that infuse stops all fetching after playback starts.

Both at the start before it ceases the background fetching and when paused to do a scrub will also allow it to do more info fetching so that may be part of the issue.