How to hide a TV Show if folder is empty

As the title suggests, I have various TV shows that are empty but Infuse still displays their poster including the orange tag to suggest it’s “unwatched”.

Is there a way to hide these posters if there are no episodes within that folder?


Did these folders have TV shows inside at some point? Were they deleted through Infuse, or directly from the source?

Have you tried browsing through the library? In most cases, this will provide a much better experience for TV shows.

Yes they had shows in them at some point. Typically these are weekly shows that I watch on the day and then delete.

I can browse through the library on the Apple TV but I don’t see that option on the iPad.

On iOS, the Library can be accessed through the Search tab in the nav bar.

You can also pin lists of content to the Home Screen for quick access.

I can’t really use the Search functionality because I’m not actually searching for a specific show. I have two sets of TV folders. One for Box Sets and the other for the weekly tv shows.

I just want to see what’s been aired the past week on those weekly shows so what I do is on the Apple TV, go to the weekly tv favourite that’s on the Home Screen.

On the iPad, I go via the Files tab (because I think there’s no way at the moment to add Favourite folders to the Home Screen).

And it’s in these two examples where I see the poster with the empty folder.


I have been experiencing the same thing and posted about it a couple of weeks ago or so:

If you create a playlist, then delete the TV shows/movies under that playlist, the poster for the TV Show/Movie will still be visible.

Had to delete the actual playlist just to remedy the issue.