How to handle TV Shows on Blu-ray?

How should I name Blu-ray .iso files that contain TV Shows, as these contain multiple episodes? Is this even supported?

Folder > Show name
Folder > Season XX

i would prefer showname.disc1.iso ,hope infuse will fetch metedata of these kind of files as a whole movie not seperated episode.

Infuse does not currently support multi-episode files, but this is something we look into for a future update.

There is a thread in the suggestions area you can upvote and follow here.

As others have said, it is not supported (YET!). But if I could give you a semi-workaround for the time being. I would firstly match the ISO to the tv show but also have an xml file in there which will then give you the ability to add custom metadata and therefore you can write the episode listings and maybe their titles if applicable. Not perfect, but it would at least make the library items make sense. See here Metadata 101 – Firecore

hi~the example xml which infuse had given is a movie xml, do you have a tv xml example file?

Sure, attached.

vegetable_soup.s01e01_1.txt (1.35 KB)

thanks so much~

thanks so much~~

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