How to handle series with multiple discs

Is it possible for Infuse to work with series that have multiple discs? I have ripped my Planet Earth collection which has 6 discs to my NAS in BDMV structure. So it looks like this:
Planet Earth
Planet Earth/Disc 1
Planet Earth/Disc 1/BDMW
Planet Earth/Disc 1/CERTIFICATE
Planet Earth/Disc 2
Planet Earth/Disc 2/BDMW
Planet Earth/Disc 2/CERTIFICATE

Is this possible or do I have to change this to single episodes?

At the current time, Infuse isn’t able to show multiple details for a single item, but this is something we hope to support in the future.

In the current version, you can have these discs in your library and will be able to access all episodes via the ‘Titles’ option found in the videos tab of the Playback Menu (available while a video is playing). If you wanted to stick with multi-disc approach, you could look at naming each disc to match the first episode that is on each disc.


Disc 1 → Planet Earth S01 E01
Disc 3 → Planet Earth S01 E04
Disc 3 → Planet Earth S01 E07

Note: I’m not sure of the exact content of each disc, so you would need to adjust the episode numbers accordingly.

This would allow you to get correct metadata and have Infuse show all of the discs under a single series item in the library.

An alternative is to extract each episode so they are in individual files, as this would allow you to see metadata for each episode and track playback progress a bit better.

@james thanks for your reply. The solution provided worked, thanks :smile:

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