How to handle meta on home made files?

How do I control Infuse Pro in regards to a folder which has home made movies? At the moment Infuse is applying what it thinks is correct, which of course is not.

I just want either no meta on those files, or better yet for infuse to grab a screen from it for the artwork?


You can add the local files to provide you’re own artwork and synopsis following this users guide.

There are a lot of files, I dont really want to spend the time attributing meta data to each one, but I would like to avoid Infuse from applying its own guess, because that folder is now filled with incorrectly labeled movie files. Can I at least restrict that folder in some manner?


Great, thanks!

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In the folders view, you can long-press on the folder (containing all your home movies) and select “use local metadata”.

This will erase all the TMDB-derived metadata for files in that folder and all that folder’s subfolders.

Only filenames and auto-generated thumbnails (it portrait mode) should remain.

I believe this might be the best solution for you.

(i.e. the second option presented at the link posted above by @NC_Bullseye)

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