How to handle large collections?

I have thousands on cartoon shorts (Disney and Looney Tunes among others) and in Kodí they are scanned to the library and put in a movie set, That way i can also search. But if I want to add alls these shorts in Infuse (using Favourites) I get a collection with thousands of movies which is impossible to overview…
As it is now I just browse the folder in Infuse and all metadate is parsed no problem. I could live with this but it´s a PITA to find files; search only works for favourited items.

Has anybody got a smart way to handle this?

Basically I do the same and have to find them alphabetically. Would be nice to add a new shorts category. I think there might be a suggestion thread for that.

I would also like to see a solution for this… In my case a have items like Pixar’s Animated Shorts Collections Vol. 1 & 2 and would like to have them grouped into a Collection - as they are technically sold in that format.

I suppose we could manually create Playlists (which sync across all iCloud devices) but it would be simpler to just be able to tag them as a Collection.

Or better yet, be able to use the TV Series format for Non-TV-Shows.