How to go from 4.4.4 - 5.2

   Hi, I know someone is gonna bite my head off as I;m sure the answer to this question is in here somewhere or on the web. I am just pressed for time and really reaching out for someone to give me a hand. I have jailbroken atv’s before however its been awhile. At a job where some guys gave me there apple tvs to jailbreak. Heres what they have. They are already jailbroken on 4.4.4, so when I go to seasonpass and rightclick and hit 5.2 (cause I want unthethered) sasys this apple tv is not eleigble for this version. K, so thats where I;m stumped, I don’t know what to do. Do I restore to the latest version and downgrad (that i’ve never done)  I am running a mac computer.  Any help is greatly appreciated. So if this is on the forum already. Thanks in advance for any help, 



Edit:  Also one other thing I’ve bene dieing to know. Is there a way to back up all your apps and settings for when you do jailbreak. Reason I ask is this.  So my personal own Aapple TV is on 5.2 untethered. So lets say 5.2.1 comes around.  Is there a way to avoid once its jailbroken by installing all my apps, installing all my add ons for XBMC, PLEX etc. Cause that sure is a pain to do that everytime but maybe thats just the way it is. Curious if there is a different way to do it.

  Seriously no advice for even the bottom question.  Really appreciate anything here.  Thanks

It’s not possible to upgrade or downgrade to version 5.2 without previously saved shsh blobs for version 5.2

I’m curious why your friends want to upgrade from version 4.4.4 since they are already jailbroken untethered on version 4.4.4?

There is a way to save your add-ons after rejailbreaking but its apparently not an easy process so I’ve never tried it. Instead I install xbmc hub wizard as a starting point and then simply alter that interface by deleting or adding programs and add-ons to my liking.  

however, you have have previously jailbroken a 4.4.4 with seasonpass and installed atv flash, look in the saved firmware of the maintenance settings to see if there is an upgrage to the firmware. I have had many previously modified apple tvs with older versions able to upgrade to 5.2 that had never been 5.2. Some 4.4.4 and many 5.0.2 were eligable.