how to go from 3.4.2 --> 3.4.3

I was wondering whether it is possible from the AppleTV menu to upgrade from 3.4.2. to 3.4.3? Or do I need to make a new patchstick? (which is cumbersome if the keep upgrading every second week and I don’t have a mac myself but need to ask a friend)

Or do I need to make a new patchstick?


And can I insert the patchstick by having version 3.4.2 on the AppleTV or what is the proper upgrade procedure (I disabled automatic updates for AppleTV when installing 3.4.2)?
I can’t find any documentation. All help is welcome.

After creating the new patch stick, you can unplug the AppleTV, plug in the USB Drive, plug in the AppleTV, wait for confirmation it is successful, and then unplug the AppleTV and unplug the USB Drive. No need to restore the AppleTV at all.

Excellent. Will let you know the results after I met my friend with the mac (might take a while). Now the only thing I wish for is support for DD 5.1 when playing back DVDs. Would be so cool.