How to get special episodes into a TV Show listing

Back with another TVDB related issue :wink:

I’m enjoying a show called Inside No. 9 (brilliant, by the way). They have four seasons and I’ve got them all organized using SxxEyy and all is good. But they also had a one off Halloween special, it was released after Season 4 ended (season 5 hasn’t been aired yet). I’ve got it downloaded into the same folder as the rest of the show but it doesn’t show up anywhere except in the “Others” where I’ve got to scroll to find it. Under metadata it doesn’t show anything at all.

Suggestions on how to make it appear with the rest of the show? Not sure where but with the rest of Season 4 wouldn’t upset me.

Infuse handles special by using a season of “00” so for example, you’d use “Inside No. 9 S00E01.ext” for that special. You can find the numbers of specials on for example the series you are working on is here

I’d also recommend that you create a folder in the series folder labeled “Season 00” and place those files in that folder.

Once again, impressed!
Thank you

I’d love to see a comprehensive many for the product :wink:

I wish we could splice the DNA of the guys at Firecore with that of an octopus so 4 hands could write code and the other 4 could write manuals. :wink: