How to get photos and music of atv

Hi just installed aTVflash works fine. I have setup cyberduck, but I cant acceses my photos and music that I had on there?
How do I get the photos of atv and on to my mac??


Refer to post below for the music:

I dont follow on photos question. The photos have to be on your computer first before transfering to the atv.

i transferd the mp3s + pictures using a PC which then crashed I then bougth a mac and am trying to get them of.

Ok. Open up your apple tv using fugu.

From the frontrow folder open > mnt folder > open Media folder >

Your photos willl be in the photos folder and your mp3 files will be in the Media files folder.

Once you have the aTV Flash installed, you can easily copy the contents of the Media partition of your Apple TV.

Open Applications > Utilities > Terminal


scp -1 -r frontrow@AppleTV.local:/mnt/Media ~/Desktop/

Password: frontrow

This will copy the entire contents of the Apple TV Media partition to your computer’s desktop. This will have all the music, videos, photos and anything else you synced to your Apple TV through iTunes.

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oops, wrong topic. I confused my FF tabs. O.o

scp -1 -r frontrow@AppleTV.local:/mnt/Media ~/Desktop/

Excellent Tip. Works flawlessly and quick. Incase of the famous factory restore how then can we copy this Media folder back to the apple tv using terminal? Perhaps this will solve the itunes resync process.

This is great help! Just one problem I cant login to fugu.

They way its setup atm:

Connect to: AppleTV.local
Username: frontrow
Port: 21
Directory: (left blank)

In advanced SFTP Options:

I have left everything unticked and back.

What am I doing wrong?!?!