How to get new aTV interface, w/FireCore, on existing FireCore box?

I got my AppleTV (black) about 8 months ago, jailbroke it, installed aTV and have been keeping up with the updates as they’ve been coming out… so today I’m running aTV Flash 1.6 and it’s all good.

However, I still have the AppleTV “old software,” not the new one that Apple released about 2-3 months ago.

So here is my question: how can I upgrade my AppleTV to get the latest Apple TV OS, and the latest aTV Flash? (I’m concerned that I will need to do a full restore of my AppleTV to factory settings, then upgrade it to the latest Apple software, then do a fresh jailbreak and install of aTV Flash… but I’m hoping there’s an easier way.)

Thanks for your help!

You will have to do a fresh jailbreak with the latest SeasonPass and re-install the apps to get the new UI.

You probably want to first use Mainteance->Manage Backups to backup your settings and metadata. Then after the re-jailbreak and aps re-install you can use the Restore option to get the settings and metadata back.

Thank you!! Did just that: re-jailbreak, then reinstall aTV 1.6, and finally restored settings from backup. I’m all set with new software. Much appreciated.

One more quick question - is there a way to hide MLB & NFL? I thought there was in the old software but I can’t find it in this new version.

Well, it did not work for me. Very disappointing. I did a restore from back up and nothing came up as it was. Now I have to reload all the plugins for XBMC.

What a pain.


The previous software had an add-on called “Overflow” that made this possible.  There is no Overflow for iOS 5 yet though.




In the meantime this forum post details a way to hide many of the unwanted ATV apps:



I’ve used it to successfully hide the icons for MLB, NHL, and NBA. I also hid MobileMe photos ( – seeing as MobileMe is being retired this month. (I suspect Apple will issue an ATV update to remove that menu item too soon.) But it’s good to know us jailbreakers can handle this ourselves!

Thank you very much!