how to get Infuse as app on top and so "last seen movies" on top?


I use the latest infuse version on my atv2. Since a few days infuse isn't located at the first row. Infuse is located at the second row which means the media shelf scrolls out and I can't see the latest seen movies at the media shelf. 

I have no idea why Infuse is now located at the second row. For a long time Infuse was the first app at the first row and so I could use the media shelf to quick select the latest movies. 

How could I move Infuse to the first row again? 

best regards and thanks in advance Dirk

To get Infuse in the top row you will need to hide one of the current top row items.

This can be done on the Apple TV through the Settings > General > Parental Controls menu.

Thanks! Do you know why Infuse is now located at the second row although it was always the first app at the first row earlier?


best regards Dirk

It may be due to the fact that Apple recently enabled an additional top row item in Germany.

Previously I believe there were only 4 items listed.

Do you have another idea what I could do? None of the first row items could disabled at the parental control items.


best rgerads Dirk