How to get Infuse 5 Pro to playback ISO/DMG and BDMV

I tried navigation through a few community thread, and I might have missed the requirements to have Infused locate, read and playback ISO/DMG and BDMV. I believe Plex doesn’t support (ISO/DMG and BDMV playback).

How does one setup or arrange the files/folders for (ISO/DMG and BDMV) to be read by Infuse 5 Pro.

Thank you in advance.

Hardware - ATV 4K, iMac

Yes, unfortunately Plex does not support image or folder based videos.

There are a few ways to workaround this, and a bit more info can be found in the recent discussion linked here.

As per your link above I was able to play the ISO/DMG files (no menu)

BDMV allows you to navigate and locate the movie file oppose to play like an ISO/DMG.*

  • Is this always the case, or I missed something?

BDMV and ISO/IMG are handled in the same way in Infuse, and menus are not supported at this time.

Instead, Infuse will simply start playing the main title straight away. If you prefer to select a different title, you can select from the list found in the Video section of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

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That you, we have a resolution.

Inception 2010.iso

Inception 2010/BDMV

Pretty new to infuse, but seems like no ISO menu support? Any idea if that is in the works?

Its been requested, but it is not easy to implement. Even kodi only has limited support via updated libbluray IIRC. I wouldn’t count on it and go on as if it will never be added.

I didn’t test with BDMV structure, but it seems to work with infuse no ?
May be you just have to extract all files from your ISO :wink:

Does selecting different titles does the disc (BDMV) need to be configured for it when it’s created? I downloaded the Mid-Bass Demo Disc that the users at avsforum put out and I’m only seeing one track when I go to the videos section during playback. Infuse will play through the tracks though. When it gets to the end of one I’ll get a black screen with a spinner for a couple seconds and then the next one will start up. I’m thinking of ripping apart the BDMV to multiple titles but was hoping there was already a way to select them without having to do that.

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