How to get DV?


I see that the new version supports DV but how ? I though that mkv container do not support DV. Has things change ?


Dvdfab for Windows has the ability to rip single layer DV files.

Also, if you just want to play with it, there are a number of DV samples available to download.

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thanks !

With version 6.1.4 Dolby Vision ist not working. I played the test files. But my Sony XF9005 does not display, that it is running in DV. What can I do?

I quickly tried a test file on my TCL 6 Series. It only played in HDR. Only quickly tried it once, though.

I will test more tonight.

Could you double check you were trying to play Single Layer Dolby Vision video file?

With which program can I check this?

You can use the MediaInfo app to read specs for your files.

The specs for Video Track 1 will look something like this.

Here the same! No Dolby Vision :frowning:

Because, as you can see form your screenshot, you are watching not a single-layer DV video file.

You can check it in media info of the file. If there are 2 video tracks - it is not a single layer

I have checked it with MedaInfo and it says, that there are 2 video tracks. Ok so this is double layer. Is there one single layer DV Video which I can download for testing?

Is it possible to convert a Dual Layer DV MP4 file to Single Layer DV MP4 file?

See post #3 above. :slight_smile:

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Yes only the ones with profile 5 are working.


You’ll need the windows version. Mac version doesn’t support Dolby vision.

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