how to get back to 2.1

i did the update to 2.2 by accident.
i did a factory restore to 2.0. is there any change that i can only update to 2.1.

I have the original 2.1. dmg

thanks in advance!

I don’t know if this will work, but it seems reasonable.

EdIt by Madcran: This file has been removed, but you can find it here:


You have an address to load the 2.1 restore?
Thank you

That ‘looks’ like it should work fine. and all DMG files are linked to in the pdf document.

Good find!

Thanks!!! :stuck_out_tongue: It worked without a glitch. I don’t have to worry about 2.2 anymore (for now, anyway), and when I do a factory restore I install 2.1.

My original 1.1 OS is tucked away in safe place. Maybe I should have selected 2.0.2, but I think 2.1 has enough support behind it to make it a good choice. It was simple enough that I could always install 2.0.2 if necessary.

Thanks guys! It worked for me. Now I have an AppleTV with 2.1 again! I have already passed this along to many other people. I’m glad to have aTV Flash back on my AppleTV.

Sounds nice.

But I want to know if any data that is stored on the ATV will be deleted? My iTunes-library, movies and so on.

Any restore will erase the data on your AppleTV, that is what a factory restore does. You will have to sync all your media to the AppleTV again after the restore. There is no way around this, so if you are currently at AppleTV 2.2 and don’t want to lose the media, you will have to wait for the new patch to come out.

This really worked for me. Very clever! :smiley:

Thanks, this sounds doable, but where can I get my hands on atvflash 3.3.1? Stupid me deleted his previous versions.

E-mail aTV Flash and he can send you a link.

I must be an idiot… can someone please help me. Following the pdf instructions I was able to make a copy of my original 1.0 image. I mount it and in finder I see the OS.dmg. All good there… The problem I am having is that when I download the 2.1 software from the link in the PDF it mounts to my desktop as OSBoot. When I open it in finder I do not see any xxx.dmg files. I see applications, library, private, etc… folders. I see a mach_kernel.prelink, volumes, users… you get the idea. Where is the .dmg I am supposed to rename to OS.dmg per the instructions?

Thanks for any help guys!!!

The DMG they are talking about is 2Z694-5485-1.dmg. It is most likely in your Downloads folder in your User folder. That is the DMG file you need to rename to OS.dmg. Hope that helps.


This works like a charm ^^

Do I need aTV 3.3.1? Or can I use aTV 3.3.4?

With AppleTV 2.1, you need aTV Flash 3.3.1, the newer version only work on AppleTV 2.2 as far as I know.

I have two ATVs, one is an original 1.1 and the other an original 2.0.

I have been completely successful replacing the OS.dmg file on the original 2.0 unit and creating an NAS share that can access my desktop MacPro via AppleShare.

I have been less successful with the original 1.1 ATV. It can not see the AppleShare volume. It can read it in SMB, however. I would like to understand why the difference and if possible get the 1.1 version working as well.

I suspect it has to do with which firmware image I download from Does this sound right and if so, does anyone know the URL for the right image file for a 1.1 original?

Hello, i habe a big big problem and i hope you can help me :oops:

I used this to bring my aTV from 2.0 to 2.2 and then to flash it with 2.3.5.
Everythink worked fine, till i have to choose the language. Wen i press a button nothing happens (ok, the lamp is going from white to white)

Ich hope you can help me… It would be great

BIG Problem now sapphire support 2.3 How do I reverse this process? Pls Help
Everytime I want to upgrade my atvflash, I have to do the factory restore but it won’t restore the new 2.3 but instead 2.1 everytime I have to download 2.3 from apple again and again.
How to I reverse this process so it would restore the most recent firmware that I’ve updated from apple? really need help

If you want the 2.3 dmg to be your restore dmg then just do all the steps in this pdf but replace the 2.0 or 2.1 image with the 2.3 dmg found here: You want to do all the exact same steps, rename it OS.dmg, put it in the restore.dmg and ssh it back into the AppleTV. Again this tutorial is not for the faint of heart, it does require some knowledge of terminal commands or at least be able to not input them wrong in Terminal. You can really mess up your AppleTV if this goes wrong.