How to format using smart tags

Just found out about the smart tags feature as I need to have 1080p versions for streaming upstairs as c.f. 4K for main TV.

So I have a 1080p version of an existing 4K film (all films are in one big “movies” folder, not within individual folders):

Big Hero 6 [2014] 2160p 5.1.mkv
Big Hero 6 [2014]

^^^This shows up as 2 separate entries, both pointing to the correct film but showing as 2 separate covers.

How do I get them to show as 1 cover which gives the option of 2 resolutions when clicked? The 101 metadata page shows plenty of inbuilt tags but they refer to editions, mine are the same film but different resolutions.

Do I label them as:
Big Hero 6 [2014] {2160p 5.1}
Big Hero 6 [2014] {1080p 2.0}

or do I use:

Big Hero 6 [2014] {edition-2160p 5.1}
Big Hero 6 [2014] {edition-1080p 2.0}

or is there another way I should be naming them?

If I do name them differently, how do I name the custom covers? They have to be the same as the parent movie file so do I need 2 covers now?
Or do I just keep 1 cover and, in the case of my last example, do I name the cover:
Big Hero 6 [2014] OR
Big Hero 6 [2014] {edition-2160p 5.1} OR
Big Hero 6 [2014] {edition-1080p 2.0}

Sorry for the Q’s but the 101 page doesn’t explain it very well.

Thanks for any help

The first one should work. But what section in your library were you browsing the movies?

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My media drive has about 7 folders, with 3 folders used with infuse:
TV shows

All my movies are in the films folder just lumped together - infuse indexes and sorts them out with no problems.

Also, if I do the first one, what do I name the cover art as? I’m assuming I use:
Big Hero 6 [2014]
…as the coverart file name?

Are you using library mode or navigating via folders directly?

I’m navigating the folders (using library mode mixes all the TV, documentary, film items together).

Does this only work in library mode?

If you want to have them tagged based on resolution only, Infuse will do this automatically without you having to add any special tags to the filename. Custom tags can be used to specify other things, such as edition, cut, part 1, part 2, etc…

Smart groups and tags are only available when using the Library, so items will not be grouped when browsing directly via folders.

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So if I remove the tags and go back to the original filenames I was using:
Big Hero 6 [2014] 2160p 5.1.mkv
Big Hero 6 [2014]

Library mode should group them correctly? If so, I’m happy to switch to Library mode :slightly_smiling_face:.

However, this leaves me with the covers issue, will I now need a cover for each instance of the film, e.g. like this:
Big Hero 6 [2014] 2160p 5.1.mkv
Big Hero 6 [2014] 2160p 5.1.png
Big Hero 6 [2014]
Big Hero 6 [2014] 1080p.png

(easy to do as I only need multiple resolutions for the films my daughter watches, so it’s not a lot of duplicates)

Yes, your original names should work just fine.

If you have metadata fetching enabled, Infuse will fetch covers automatically. If you want to add your own covers Infuse will use the cover from the first item for the smart group, which would be the highest resolution version.

If you are using your own fanart, those are all displayed depending on the version which is highlighted on the details page, so you would want to add fanart for each version.

You can also set the version which is selected by default when opening the details page. This can be adjusted by changing the ‘Select Version’ option found in Infuse > Setting > Collections & Groups. The default setting of ‘Auto’ will attempt to choose the format which is best for the device, but you can force this to choose either the highest or lowest resolution.

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Thank you - so I’ll use the 4K version covers.

Never used Library mode before so I need to start tidying up the folders a bit.

Thanks for the help :+1:

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