How to format 1 TB external drive to FAT32 using XP?

Any way to do this in Windows XP?

I want the drive to have a single partition without any wasted space.


Should I just use MacDrive and format to the Apple protocol?

Here you go, google is your friend:

But I would format it in HFS+ if I were you, that way you do not run into issues with files bigger than 4GB (Blu-Ray rips and DVD rips).

Thank you, sir!

I did just that. Used MacDrive and formatted to HFS+. Worked like a charm. Thanks for your input.

Now I did have a problem of a DVD that I ran from the external drive. It worked fine for the most part, but did have issues every now and then of “glitches” where the movie paused for a microsecond (not really a big deal, but annoying nonetheless). Happened maybe every 7-8 minutes. Almost like “skipping” on a DVD. I was using NitroTV. Is this to be expected with playing DVDs on atv flash?

Also, had issues of the same, but MUCH more pronounced, when trying to play a 720p .mkv file. The file played PERFECTLY on my laptop, but had these same glitches every few seconds of “skipping and pausing” playing on NitroTV. I tried to run the same file via Sapphire and it would play the file, the audio was fine, but the video was unwatchable (full of huge chunks of macroblocks). Is this a known issue with 720p?

What should I do to resolve these issues of playing video? And odinb, I already was able to install/update everything using your instructions on the “Firefox and Flash” thread. I actually did that when I first installed atv flash, even before playing a single thing.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Already commented in your other thread on this second issue…