How to force refresh episode screenshot art?

Is there a straightforward method to force Infuse 7 to refresh the episode screenshots that it takes? Sometimes I will renumber episodes to match TMDB after Infuse has already taken its screenshot. After the rename, the metadata and episode media match, but Infuse keeps the old screenshot around. Obviously I could blow away everything, but is not the right solution. Have tried both general refresh (top-right corner of main screen) and edit metadata for the series (which seems to refresh the TMDB metadata, but does not trigger a new screenshot capture).

Am using WebDAV if that matters. Given it provides creation-date, modification-date and media-size (which all change when episodes are renamed), it seems trivial for Infuse to real-time detect the media asset has changed and take a new screenshot on its own.

Appreciate any pointers to force an update for a series. Thanks.

Can you share an example of the screenshot? Does it look like something from the video itself? If you do an edit or change the filename/path it should refresh the image unless it is embedded.

Screen shot provided. All images appear to be pulled as snapshots from the respective episodes (and I have seen Infuse pulling down part of the media during its metadata search presumably to allow rendering the image). In this case, the image displayed for episode 13 actually belongs to episode 12. I previously had that episode mis-numbered and corrected it to match what Infuse/TMDB expect. So now the metadata (excluding the episode image) is correct, but the image is wrong/stale. Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.

It looks like these images match what is currently listed on TMDB.

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While quite familiar with episode ordering mismatches/omissions with the different providers, have not encountered the wrong episode-art issue before. That I originally had the incorrect episode number made me think that was the underlying cause. Appreciate the follow up-- thanks!

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