How to force Age Restrictions taken from MP4 Metadata for movies & series?

I subscribed to the Pro version as I hoped for a mediacenter which works with my NAS when my MacBook is not at home.

Unfortunately I’m still waiting for the age restrictions being taken from my fully tagged MP4 or M4V files on the NAS.
The problem is that I don’t want my kids to access all videos. So all my videos are fully tagged.
Currently my Movies library only has the age restrictions when I manually force a rescan and chose the right move which is then tagged with data from the internet.
This somehow works for movies while being uncomfortable.

For TV Series I couldn’t manage to tag any series.

A cure for that problem was announced a few subversions ago but I didn’t find any info in the changelogs so far.
Did you implement this feature and I don’t know how to use it or is it still planned for a future update?

Infuse is able to look for embedded info first, and then use online sources to fill in any gaps. To do this, you will want to have both the Embedded Metadata and Metadata Fetching options enabled in Settings.

Note, if you want to have Infuse update info for items that have already been scanned you will need to use the Edit option on each video, or use the Clear All Metadata option to fetch everything again.

Hi James,
I only activated Embedded Metadata and not Metadata Fetching now and Cleared All Metadata.
Still all infos are imported but no age restrictions.
I use M4V or MP4 Files which are tagged with German FSK age restrictions (FSK 0, 6,12,16,18).
Same for movies and tv series.
Could it be possible that Infuse has issues with the German age system?