How to extract Metadata Files (xml, cover, Fanart etc) from mp4-Files?

Hi :slight_smile:

I have many mp4-Files with self created Metadata (Actor, Director, Description etc.) and Cover Art etc!

How can i extract all the Metadata to a folder (xml, Cover, fanart etc)?
Is there a Tool available (for OSX or Windows)?

No one has an idea???

Has anyone found an answer for this yet?

Unfortunately not ?
I have manually created all my XML files ??

Perhaps the author of the tool that you use to create those MP4 files can advise.

Hi there,

Quite newbie on using Infuse, but I’m trying to find ways to use my own metadata (I use iFlicks + Subler, so the metadata it’s on my .m4v/.mp4 files)

I haven’t been able to find a way to extract covers/images from my tagged movies so far :(( (I need to go manually to the usual websites to download covers, fanart, etc.)

But, I’m able to extract the “text” metadata (Title, Actors, etc.)… well, sort of: there’s a tiny software, a media file inspector for Mac, called ‘Invisor’ (

With this software, you can check one or several media files (any format); with “File → Export”, it’s possible to export all the ‘text’ metadata into a .txt, .csv, .xml, etc.

The issue is that this exported data contains everything: formats, audio streams definitions, everything… so the only way I know to get the data required by Infuse (Metadata 101 – Firecore) is by hand.

I’m going to contact the developer, to let him know about this, if it’s possible to extract the specific information required by Infuse… let’s see.

Hi :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I also can’t find another “automatic” way to extract the correct XML-Tags from my mp4-Files…
I really have manually created all the XML-Files for my complete Library!!! This was a very big task :wink:

For extracting the Covers you can use Subler to search for the specific Cover!
Then copy the image and paste it in Apple’s Preview-App => Then you can save it as PNG or JPG :slight_smile:

But I think there are some Tools available to extract automatically the Cover, Fanart etc as separate Files!

I think this App is useful for this task:

There was just another App for this, but I can’t remember the name of this App :frowning:

The reason why I finally decide not to use this tools (and manually search and edit my Covers) is because at TheMoviedb and TheTVdb are soon much bad quality or false Covers… :wink:
This is why I search the Internet for best Quality Covers or design my own and use it as custom cover in Infuse :slight_smile:

Did you try mp3Tag ?