How to download older ATV files...

I just bought the new version 3.3.2, and I see i cannot use Sapphire. So I did a factory restore from 2.2 to 2.1 and would like to know how to download an older version.(i guess 3.3.1) Do I need an older version and how do I find them? Thanks.

Send us an email and we can send you a link to an older version.

A new version of Sapphire should presumably be released very soon, so it might be worth holding off.

(I sent the email a couple of hours ago…got my atv waiting…)

Thanks, got the email!

So…just to update, restored to factory defaults…2.1, applied atv flash 3.3.1 which includes all programs missing in new 3.3.2. Did the usb fix to allow external hd. HD was not showing up after successful patch, tried usb flash drive and movies played fine off that. Came to the conclusion my 1tb Fantom Drive is not showing up because of it being NTFS!!. I have about 500gigs of movies and nowhere to dump them while i reformat to mac os…so I bought another drive, have to reformat that to ntfs, then move movies over from fantom drive to new drive. then will format fantom drive to mac os, them move movies back over!! WHEW!!

…didnt know if there was an easier process for this
and should i do mac os or mac os journaled? whats the diff