How to download local xml and folder.jpg to iPhone?

Home made videos, with local xml and folder.jpg. Tried to download the videos to iPhone, xml and poster were not downloaded so videos looked strange because infuse auto-fetched wring info from online database.

How to use the xml and poster when downloading to iPhone.

Have you tried the instructions in the user guide Metadata 101 – Firecore in the section discussing using embedded metadata and artwork for iOS?

so using embedded metadata is the only option for iOS to display customised artwork and description? this looks like a lot of re-do, i have so many home videos… can’t iOS version of infuse also download and use xml/folder.jpg?

Infuse doesn’t currently auto-download external metadata when downloaded via iOS, but this is something we have on our list to add for a future update.

There is a workaround that I use:
If you can see the xml and jpg files via the Files app (or other compatible app), you can manually download them to inFuse.
Using Files, you navigate to the xml/jpg file. Then select share. From the share sheet select “Copy to Infuse”. The file WILL copy the inFuse despite the error that you get.
The movie will then display correcly in InFuse.

It’s horrible, but it works.

it indeed worked! and worked perfectly. just need to take some time to rename xml/jpg to video-name-xxxx.xmk/jpg and copy them to iCloud Drive.

Thanks so much!

Looks like this trick is “fixed” by Infuse 6… There is no more “Copy to Infuse” in Share menu, it is changed to “Open in Infuse” which does not copy at all…

You are right. This no longer works.
But at least you can copy the files directly into infuse now with the Files app.
It’s still a shame it doesn’t do this automatically when you download.

Yes I can copy files directly to Infuse within Files app, which actually took me quite a while to figure out how to do that, the “Paste” option is hidden in the popup menu by long pressing on a blank space…