How to downgrade to infuse 6.6.4?

Hi all

I’m using the latest version on APPLE TV 4K, but it’s too slow recently, maybe because emby’s library is too big (300,000+). Someone told me that using 6.6.4 would be very smooth.

How can I downgrade to this version?

PS: I have purchased infuse Pro lifetime


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Unfortunately you cannot downgrade to infuse 6 with your lifetime license. You would have to purchase Infuse 6 Pro standalone app but in addition to paying for it you will also lose future support as that version is no longer being developed.

Infuse 7 is almost unusable.

The same library, emby client is very smooth


Hi Did you find any solution,? besides paying $50 some dollars for infuse 6 getting 0 support on your investment, to fix an issue that is clearly infuse 7 interaction with TvOs code related.

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7.2.2 has improvements for emby

Hi is this already on the App store or still in beta?, also had the issue with large library scanning and re-scanning evey time the app opened and taking 2h to do so, been reported by beta testers as solved? Thx

Still in beta.

Still being worked on.

To keep an eye on the status I’d suggest watching the thread that munpip214 referenced for changes and updates on when to expect it.

If your ATV is jailbroken and have installed the ‘AppStore++’ feature, then you are able to downgrade to several older versions direct inside the normal AppStore. This works with the free version of the app but I don’t know if that also works with the paid version.

Jailbreaking an ATV HD is simple (an ATV 4K is a little more elaborate) and it gives you some handy extra features. Also App Developers do not have to worry about it because there are NO illegal “stealing features” on the AppleTV! More information on