How to downgrade back to 3.4.3

Does anyone know how I can downgrade aTV back to 3.4.3. I have the old .dmg but when I launch the installed it says it is out of date.

The newest ver. is not stable and has caused problems with reading external USB HDDs. I have an AppleTV in our family room that has never had a problem with 3.4.3, but on my new AppleTV using 3.4.5, nitoTV doesn’t see the external USB HDD at all, and ATV Files will only see it if I add it in through “Places.” I used to be able to just select “Movies” and it would show the USB HDD attached automatically as would nitoTV. This is really frustrating. Does anyone know how to fix this or how I can re-install 3.4.3?

Can anyone help with this? I’m having the exact same problem with my external hard drive since installing 3.4.5. And yes, I’ve ran the smart installer.

The only way I can think of is to contact Fire Core and see if he can create a special 3.4.3 file without the “phone home” option. That is put there to protect the software from piracy even though it is a pain to deal with for a lot of people who buy the software. It’s almost like DRM for music and videos, the people who don’t pay ruin it for everyone else.

After installing Boxee my external is now showing up. :smiley:

Thanks. I have already emailed them and they have yet to respond. Hopefully someone will get back to me soon.

Is your HDD showing up in all apps now as normal like nitoTV and ATV Files or just shwoing in Boxee?

I specifically only installed nitoTV and ATV Files because I don’t care for any of the other apps and do not want to clutter my menu with unnecessary junk.

Yes, after installing Boxee the HDD showed up in Nito.

This can’t be the only way to fix things. I shouldn’t have to install an entirely unrelated app to get nitoTV and Atv Files to work correctly again.