How to do FFW & REW on icefilms?

There’s any way?      Thanks!

i have xbmc installed on my windows computer with the icefilms plugin , it allows you to go forward and rewind , so it is possible, but the same feature is not available on apple tv2 xbmc with the icefilm plugin. too bad

The ATV2 cannot rewind and fast forward through icefilms however, it can rew and ff if you watch movies through navi-x. Nowadays I rarely use icefilms since navi-x searches pull up most anything I want to watch.

Woompa - how do you deal with buffereing issues with NAVI-X?  When I experimented with it last night I seemed to always get buffering issues.  Would think that there would be some kind of algorithym in Navi-x or XBMC to detect buffering, and to pre-que 50%  then stop, and pre-que the remaining.  How hard is that to make happen?  Is there a switch in XBMC or NAVI-X to do that?



NAVI-X is garbage! is always the peeps that think they are too cool to use what everyone else uses (because its the best available) that even bring up ■■■■ like NAVI-X. Comparing Navi-X to Icefilms is like comparing taking a ■■■■ is an overflowing porta-jon vs the porcelain thrown in ur own house.

Press and hold down the center button a few seconds, then a bottom menu with options will pop up.