How to display movies/series on apple tv with link or command?

Hello everyone,

I would like to post a message on your forum because I am stuck on something, I will explain:

I have a jellyfin server that I use for my films and series, I also use home assistant to control my apple tv, I can send a YouTube video via a URL to launch a video.

My question is the following, how can I retrieve the link that will allow me to launch a film or series via infuse which is installed on my apple tv.

I found someone on the internet who tried this command: infuse://series/Cheers

when I do that it launches the infuse application on the Apple TV but I get this message “Failed to open input stream in demuxing stream”

I obviously tried to replace the “cheers” series with one of the series that is available on my infuse app but to no avail it launches the app but it gives me the error message that I gave you.

I’m not yet in the pro version, but if I find a solution for my current problem I will take the pro version without any problem.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me. I specify that I do not have a huge level of knowledge in the field of your infuse app

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