How to disable Live Preview Scrubbing?

I’m using raspberry pi 4. When a video is played, CPU jumps up to 50-100% due to the live preview scrubbing. I don’t see any options to disable it. I’ve tested it on PLEX/EMBY/JELLYFIN. All have the same problem. Please let us disable this horrid feature.

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Other than your raspberry showing 50 to 100 percent is it causing a playback problem? If so what? If your problem is with the caching in general then you may want to try changing your Streaming Cache to see if that helps.

It would also help to know the version number of Infuse you’re using and on what device, iOS, ATV4, or ATV4K. Also what protocol and type of connection, WiFi or Ethernet.

I’m using the latest IOS version for iphone xs max and ipad pro 4th gen. Wifi locally around 300-500Mbps.

I do not require the scrubbing so how do I turn it off? For normal TV shows, sure its a few seconds. But for LONG movies it will take almost 5 minutes of constant 100% cpu usage. I hate this.

How do I disable it?

Sorry, but I don’t think it’s currently an option. Have you tried changing the Streaming Cache option under Playback to see if that may offer an option closer to what you want?

Sorry, but I don’t think it’s currently an option

Why not?

Still would like a bit more info.

You can’t.

You could put a feature idea in the Suggestions forum and see how many others would like this added as a feature.

If there’s enough interest then FireCore may look into adding that as a feature.