How to determine why Infuse can't recognize TV show

Is there a way to determine what is going on while Infuse is searching for a files metadata?

I have a show (Naruto Shippuden) that isn’t fully being recognized. The first season seams to be fine, but the rest of the seasons aren’t and I’m assuming it’s because the episodes aren’t named in a way that the metadata providers that Infuse uses expects.

Is there a way for me to see what is being sent to the metadata providers so I can figure out what to change about the filenames?

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The prefered way is show-name_s01e02.ext and there are other options here Metadata 101 – Firecore
Since Infuse gathers metadata from thetvdb you can check there to make sure the show is there and if it may have some quirky name.

It looks like as long as you use the above style to name your files it should find it fine. “Naruto Shippuden S01E01.mkv”

I tested it and it worked for me.