How to Determine 4K Quality?

I’ve been wondering about the quality of my 4k REMUX streams, wired from PC vs. Physical Bluray 4k Disc playing from XBOX1X

Here’s my setup before I ask my questions.

My laptop > CAT7 wired to wireless router > wireless router to LG OLED with CAT7. (everything is wired)
My internet speed is 400 Down & 20 UP.

  1. My friend said eventhough I’m wired from PC to my router, when my Upload Speed is 20Mbps, my max transfer rate to stream my movies is still 20 Mbps regardless whether I’m wired or not. Is this true? Is there no difference streaming wired vs. wireless? Is everything based upon your upload-speed?
  2. If wired, would my wired speed capable of handling 4k bluray rips that has 60-70mbps movie buffer rate?
  3. For those who have done the quality comparison, do you guys see a noticeable difference between FULL RIP AVC 4k bluray vs. REAL physical 4k DISC playing from XBOX1X?
  4. From my personal experience, I have both original 4k Aquaman bluray disc and the full rip AVC Aquaman 4k MKV. Now the quality playing the disc from XBOX1X is noticiable … I feel the physical disc has deeper 3D depth and quality… it “feels” it has better colors too. My question is, are my eyes fooling me? or are they the same (playing wired from Infuse?)

Sorry for the confusing questions… I have more, but I’ll wait after these are answered.
Thank you.

Welcome to the forum!

If you are streaming from a local source such as a pc or NAS to a local player such as the Apple TV and infuse then your internet speed has nothing to do with it. All data is being transmitted and received in your local network and not affected by internet speeds. Being hardwired is the best option for local streaming such as with infuse so you should be good to go. Also don’t forget that Infuse will try to buffer ahead some so you shouldn’t see any dragging in playback if your local network is healthy.

  1. Upload speed only matters if you are trying to play content away from home. Otherwise your speed is determined by either the max transfer speed of the medium you are using (1Gbps for wired). Wireless speeds are determined by what type of wifi is being used and also distance and obstructions.
  2. Yes wired can handle this provided your NAS is also wired. If you are streaming from a USB drive on your router speeds might be limited by USB speed and CPU power on the router.
  3. Quality might be different if the disc is authored in Dolby vision. Dual layer Dolby vision is not supported with BD-ISO or remux. In this case the disc will have better image quality (better colours and dynamic contrast).
  4. Again if the Blu-Ray is in Dolby vision then there will be a difference between Dolby vision and the HDR10 image you are getting on the Apple TV however it won’t be immediately obvious.