How to delete custom collections

Hi, I created some custom collections, but these don’t work well. I think the custom collections are still a bit buggy. So how can I delete those custom collections And I only want to delete the collection, not the elements I grouped in it. for example I grouped abput 160 Tom & Jerry shorts in one custom collection, but don’t want do remove every single one manually by deactivating the selection of the collection membership. That would cost hours. If I do a long press on the selection itself and choose “delete”, I can choose “only video files” and “video files and other files”. But I don’t want to delete the files, just the collection.

If you open the collection and long press on each item I believe you’ll be able to remove each one from the collection and when you do all of them the collection will disappear.

I think there’s a change in the upcoming 7.4.3 that will fix this and clarify things.

EDIT TO ADD: I think 7.4.3 is due out pretty soon so if you want to wait till it’s available that would save you some time.

But doing this will take hours for 160+ elements.
I tested this with a small collection. If you remove all elements, the collection is not visible anymore but still exists in background. If you chose any element and select “add to collection” then the emtpy collections are still in the list.

That’s why I added this.

Also, I think you can safely delete the collection after you have removed all of the content. I only created one custom collection myself just to see what it was all about and came to the same conclusion as you, it’s not usable for me so I deleted it.

But how can I do this? If a collection has no elements, it is not visible anymore.

Maybe the new version brings a function for this.

I also believe that the icloud sync for custom collections is buggy.

The prompts for deleting a custom collection in the current version are a bit confusing, and makes it seem like you are deleting the actual files. This has been improved in the 7.4.3 release which is due out soon.

7.4.3 will also include an option to trigger a manual sync with iCloud, and display the time of the last successfully sync. Normally, this isn’t needed but it can come in handy from time to time if Apple’s servers are in a bad mood.

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Is there a way for us to delete a custom collection that we have emptied the files from and now does not show under collections in the library but still show when creating a new collection or adding a file to an existing collection?

No, you would need to have an item or two in the collection (to make it visible in Collections) in order to delete it.


Added a file to the ghost collection and then went back to library > Collections and long pressed on the resurrected collection then did the Delete then clicked File and all related files.

Collection was deleted and the file I added to it was still fine (not really deleted) so this worked great.

This is just to let @JMcClane know if they want to get rid of it before the 7.4.3 release. :wink:

Thanks James! :+1:


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Thank you!

Moved your post to a thread that has the answer for deleting empty collections.

It is also part of the next Infuse release 7.4.3 due out any time now.

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7.4.3 is now available, and cleans up the flow for deleting custom collections.


Thank you all!

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Hi @james , after 7.4.3 update, users could delete plex collection & playlist even when file management is disable, is it bug or intended?

These options would affect the collection/playlist grouping only. The actual files will not be affected.

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