How to delete Bookmark?

Can’t find menu to delete the Bookmark. Or it can’t be done???

Hi; following is the reponse I got from direct support for your question

“When connected via FTP the bookmarks file can be removed/edited through the Library/Application Support/couchsurfer folder”

It worked for me.


There must be a better way…

It would be a nice feature if someone could add “delete bookmark” to couch surfer.

Great idea. I’ll pass this along.

Thanks ‘zoomiey25’. It works.

Has any progress been made on this issue??? It seems utterly absurd that I’d have to FTP to delete accidental or unwanted bookmarks. I didn’t pay $40 to have to go that route for a basic function.

Not to be a hater, but I must admit, I’m rather disappointed with Couch Surfer Pro. I am new to ATV Flash (only installed it 2 days ago, on a first-gen ATV). It’s cumbersome to go Back a page, no bookmark deletion, the apparent lack of support for Flash or any other plugin… I thought I had done my homework before plunking down my $40, but I guess I wasn’t thorough enough. It seems, for example, that it should be made more clear in the demo videos and such that installing Adobe Flash, as an example, WILL NOT enable it in Couch Surfer. cry.

Other than the amazingly easy installation, which was exactly as advertised, I’m so far not too happy. I admit, I bought ATV Flash primarily for Couch Surfer, thinking only that some of the additional features MIGHT come in handy down the road. I don’t have a library of divx videos or the desire to rip my DVD collection into non-iTunes formats at this time, for example. So maybe I’m just not the target market.

But back to Couch Surfer… I mistakenly thought it was the real deal as far as being a full-featured browser for a tv. But so far that isn’t my experience. So I now find myself looking for reasons to keep ATV Flash at all.