How to delete a file


how can I delete a file from a NFS share? Please advise.


‘File Management’ needs to be enabled in Infuse > Settings before files can be deleted through Infuse.

Once enabled, you’ll see a Delete button on the video details page. You can also long-press on a video to delete it.

Will this delete associated .srt files as well or If I have movies setup in folders will it delete just the mkv or the whole folder itself? The whole folder would be preferable although I understand there would be pushback on that level of deletion. I figure if I have to delete the srt manually anyhow the need for the file management option is limited.

I believe Infuse should also delete the SRT file and folder (if there are no other items present).

Great, thanks! I’ll test it out with a few files. In hindsight the file I tried might have had some misc files in the folder which may have stopped the folder from being deleted. I’ll try it out with folder that have idx files as well.

Works like a champ. Not sure what happened before. Thanks for the quick response and great product. I’ve been playing around with trial and am really impressed.

Hello again,

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but after the latest update deleting files has become a little finicky. Before when I deleted a file from Infuse both the file and folder were deleted without any error. As of late when I go to delete a file I get an error message “Deleting XXXXXXX. An error occurred” and the close button. When I check the hard drive the file itself has been deleted however the folder is still there.

I thought Radarr might have been causing the issue so I turned of create empty folder but that didn’t seem to make a difference. It’s also set to ignore deleted files anyhow. The only other recent change I made was to my Synology and updated the Max SMB protocol to SMB3.

Any thoughts to why I’m getting the error now and why the folder is not being deleted? Is it a permission issue? As I mentioned in an earlier post it was working fine before.


This is something we’re working to resolve in one of the next updates. For now, Infuse is not able to delete folders.

Thanks James! Glad to hear. I know with so many things going on I’m glad it’s on your radar already and I look forward to when it gets fixed.

FYI, deleting folders should be working again after installing today’s 5.6.10 update. :slight_smile:

Works great! Actually feels faster. Thanks for such a quick turnaround. You and your team have done an awesome job on the support/Customer service front.

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I have old srt files in the main folder on iPad and can’t delete them in any way :frowning:
I do not see them in file management on iPad. I can see them through “File Sharing” on iTunes, but there is no way to delete them through iTunes.
Please advise…

To delete a file through iTunes File Sharing simply highlight the file, and press the delete key. :slight_smile:

Many thanks! :slight_smile: I tried to use mouse only :slight_smile:

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