How to deactivate metadata for one specific favorite? (iPad)

I have my familiy movies in one specific folder.
Some files have a name that is picked up by the application as a movie.
How do I deactivate metadata fetching for one specific favorite while keeping it for the others?
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I was just going to create the same topic!
I can’t disable online metadata just for one or multiples specific folders as the Infuse’s AppleTV4 app does. On aTV you can use online metadata with local exceptions.
We just need the same option : use local metadata.
On iOS (iphone/ipad) covers art are horribly buggy when online & local metadata are both checked, and of course displaying files with integrated metadata.
It’s the same on infuse 4 & 5.

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This option is currently available on Apple TV, and will be coming to iOS very soon in an upcoming version.

Good news! thanks

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