How to customize TV shows background & poster?

In movie mode, I can customise the photos like background(fanart.jpg) & poster(poster.jpg), BUT it’s not work in TV shows folder, is there any one knows the filename for the TV shows background & poster?

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TV Show Artwork

Overriding series/season artwork is available when episodes are organized into folders by season (Series Name/Season X/episodes.mkv).

E.G. Breaking Bad/Season 1/Breaking Bad S01E01.mkv

Usage details

Episode image
seriesname/season 1/episodefilename.jpg

Season poster
seriesname/season 1-poster.jpg

All Seasons poster

Series poster (available only while using Library)

Series fanart

Series logo

Overriding series/season artwork is not possible when using Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box.

Recommended poster size 1000 x 1500px, (1:1.5 ratio). Recommend landscape image size is 1920 x 1080px or 3840 x 2160px (16:9 ratio).

  • If you name your TV series poster images folder.jpg instead of poster.jpg, they will be displayed as series posters in both Infuse’s Library and (non-Library) Folders Browser views, regardless if their related episode files were imported into Infuses’s metadata database or not.

  • Season posters can similarly be renamed “folder.jpg” and placed inside their relevant Season # subfolders; but these subfolders will not be browsable through the Folders Browser unless the related episode files have been successfully imported into Infuse’s library.

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