How to copy files to an external drive

I have an external drive connected to my ATV via USB. I cannot work out how to connect with it via my iMac using my ftp client (I have Cyberduck) and thus to copy one or more files over. Can anyone help?
I know I can unplug and connect directly to my iMac to do any copying I need, but since they are in different parts of the house, this is quite inconvenient.

Thank you in anticipation.


When connected via FTP the external drive will be located in the Movies folder. This will allow you to browse and copy files to the drive.

The only movies folder I can see is the one on my ATV, which contains 3 movies that I FTP’d over previously as a test. My external drive, a Verbatim 1.5TB (which has around 280 movies already on it) is nowhere to be found. Incidentally, both of these drives, ATV and Verbatim, are easily accessible from my TV (via ATV), but I need to be able to get to the Verbatim from my iMac.

When I use Cyberduck, I access ATV with path ‘AppleTV.local’. I have attached a snapshot. Is there not a similar path that will lead to the Verbatim?

Thank you

… Andre

[attachment=0]ATV window.tiff[/attachment]

Have you tried clicking the refresh button in cyberduck? After I installed my external HD, it didn’t show up in cyberduck until I did that.

Clicking the refresh button on Cyberduck does nothing.

I might just add that my external drive is secondary storage. How do I access it via Cyberduck? Note that the ATV drive is set up as primary storage.

Thank you.


Well … suddenly, yesterday, I was browsing on my ATV on my TV, and I noticed that indeed my external drive was showing up inside the Movies folder. When I checked ATV via Cyberduck, I could also see the drive … and thus I am now able to access it from my iMac. The only thing I have done since my previous forum posts was to download Boxee and XBMC, but I am not sure these would have had anything to do with the drive suddenly showing up. Very mysterious … but at least all is now OK.

Thanks for your help.

… Andre

My External HD can be seen through Cyberduck but it looks like a file rather than a drive (or folder). I hit refresh but it is still a file, I cant transfers files to a file, how do I get it to be a folder where I can transfer stuff into?

Some drives prefer to be connected AFTER the AppleTV is powered on. You may try this to see if it resolves your issue.