How to convince Infuse that a film is a TV programme

I have a small collection of Roadrunner cartoons on my system. Infuse thinks that they are films so it won’t play continuously (I have that disabled for films). Is there a way to make Infuse think that the cartoons are TV shows so it will play all of them?


I think the upcoming 6.2 release of Infuse will solve this problem. One of the features is All-new custom playlists along with Loop & shuffle options should fit the bill.

You can see all of the planned features here Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)

Lovely. I will wait for that to be released and see if it fits the bill.

Is this the show?
Maybe you just need to follow naming format for tv show instead of movie
example “Beep Beep” would be “Road Runner Show S01E02 - Beep Beep”