How to Configure Weather-Plugin?

How can the weather plugin be configured?

All I can do is adding new places, but how can i delete them? I have already modified the weather.plist, but no effect.

Also the plugin is not completely in german, it still says "cloudy" in english instead of the german version "bewölkt".

Locations can be removed by following these steps:

1. Highlight the location to be removed.

2. Press the right arrow (>>).

3. Select the 'Remove Weather Location' option.

I'll pass the localization issue on and see if it can be fixed in the next version.

 I managed to finally get the weather working on my powerPc by downloading the latest version 1.01 update.

Then I looked up the default code for Amsterdam which is listed as NLXX0002

Opened up Safari, went to yahoo weather and typed in Amsterdam, it brought up a webpage with Amsterdam-727232, I went to view->view source and searched for the code " NLXX0002", it found it there, so I copied the line before that.

Went back into Yahoo weather, typed in Melfort, SK it loaded the weather, went to view page source in Safari and searched for the same line code, it pulled up CAXX0706

I can now view weather from places in CANADA!

Version 1.01 works well on the mac mini powerpc.


It works now.

But interesstingly at the beginning, when I added the first customized city, went backt othe Weather overview and into the settings of that city again, I saw the information from the next city in the list, means from one of the standard places. I had to leave Front Row and come back to be able to see the correct settings. this behaviour continued untill I had deleted all preset cities.

The same behaviour occures if a wrong city code was entered, and interestingly if a not working RSS feed is configured in the RSS plugin.