How to completely remove Flash (black)

So how do I completely uninstall atv Flash (AppleTV 2)?  XBMC works much better for me, and since the last Flash update, I keep getting “device is low on memory” errors. I want to uninstall it completely and stick with just XBMC since that has always worked perfect for me.

use the nitotv package->find the atvflash uninstall,good luck

Any unwanted items can be removed through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu. Just highlight the item to remove and press the right arrow button to remove it.

That doesn’t answer the question, if I want to reset my Apple TV to factory software how is that done?

The “Reset” option using the Settings menu appears to be disabled.

Is there another way to reinstall the current Apple software?

You have to put the ATV2 into DFU mode as though you were going to jailbreak it and then use the Restore option from within iTunes this will reinstate the current Apple software and your system will no longer be jailbroken.

Note that as there is not yet a jailbreak for the latest 5.0 Apple software then it will not be possible to install the FireCore software. if you want to be able to revert to the 4.4.4 software in a jailbroken state you must first use the FireCore feature under Maintenance->Manage backups to save your signatures for the current firmware.

The original question that was asked (and answered) was not about returning to standard software (thus losing the jailbreak), but about removing s specific software item.

Thanks for the information. 


Since “So how do I completely uninstall atv Flash?” asked in the original post was the same as my question I didn’t see it answered in any response.

The only way I have seen is to redo the jailbreak (which should zap all existing software and settings) and then not install the FireCore software.