How to clear /delete streamed cache in infuse?

when streaming from a direct link or via smb,infuse caches a lot for smoother playback.

however i do not have much space on my devices.

i had found a way to delete cache but now i dont find the button anymore

be it on Ipad,iphone ,and mac.

how do you clear the cache ?

The streaming cache is cleared automatically when exiting playback.

However, the disk cache is only used if your device has ample of free storage space. If your device is low on space, then Infuse would automatically switch to using a memory-based cache.

If you want to reduce the amount of space used by Infuse for artwork, you can disable the ‘Pre-Cache Images’ option found in the Advanced section of settings for your saved share(s). Doing this would prevent Infuse from pre-caching artwork, and instead download images from TMDB as needed while browsing.

If you want this change to apply to existing items, you can use the option to clear metadata found in Settings > General. There, you can also see how much space is currently used for metadata/artwork.

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oh that’s weird tho,because last time after i closed infuse i went into storage management and saw infuse was using 20gb (it was a 50gigs movie tho but yeah still a lot on a low storage machine as u can imagine)

thanks!images are fine,the problem occured with actual movies,blurary in 4k weighs a lot

metadata artwork can be counted in megabytes for me ,usually a dozen,not exactly problematic :slight_smile:

James, does Infuse rescale any large images you may have locally to a specific size for display (and then cache those)?

For example, TMDB host poster images up to 2000x3000 pixels in size:
What are the maximum pixel dimensions (on a 4K display) a poster image would ever be displayed at in Infuse’s UI, and therefore the maximum poster size I might want to rescale my local images to if I was worried about the size of Infuse’s image cache?

Or does Infuse already do this (downscale large images) on library and title import?

Thanks :+1:t3: