How to classify HomeVideos?

Hi :slight_smile:

I have a folder with many HomeVideos on my NAS.

And I try to find a good way how to organzize/classify these Files for Infuse on AppleTV…
How do you do that?

I would like to sort the Files similar to a TV-Show:

Folder “Memories”
and there are several Episodes “Birthday”, “Christmas-Party 1999”, “Wedding” etc.
Each “Episode” has a Thumnail and a Description, Date etc.

But I don’t know how to tell Infuse “This is a TV-Show”…

Can someone help me with this, or describe how you have self organized your HomeVideos? :wink:

Hi, This is exactly what I’m trying to do but cannot get it to work. I’ve put all of the files together with a uniform naming convention, created XML and picture files for them all but still no luck. If anyone can help that would be great.
I’ve attached some pics to show how I’ve done things, one shows the file structure on my computer, one is an example of an XML I’m using, one shows how Infuse displays the folder and one shows how each file appears when selected in Infuse. I want all files to be grouped together like a TV Show.