How to change the layout?


I think the sorting and layout is not that good.

  1. On top i have “Ongoing” which is fine.
  2. Then it comes “Favorites”. I want it to be at the bottom or not shown at all. (EDIT: SOLVED THIS ONE IN SETTINGS)
  3. Then it comes “Newly added Movies”. This is fine but I want this to be just under the “Ongoing” section. Possible?
    4)Then the “Movine Genre” comes in to place. This section I dont need at all, or I want to move it to the bottom. Possible?
  4. Under this it now comes “Unwatched TV-Series”. Fine but i want this to be UNDER the “Newly added Movies”. Possible? Also. I have a series with 9 seasons, they show up 9 times as per season. Cant I sort them to me under one? I have it like this Series Name/Season 1/S01E01.mvk

So, i would like to re-sort my layout to be like this from the top:

Newly added Movies
Unwatched Series (should me named Newly added Series)
Movie genres
Topranked Movies
Favorites (or remove it)

Did you try removing the existing lists and then adding them back? They might keep the order they are added.

No, its not about that. Its how the different sections are beeing positioned in the Layout. Also, how can I find my series after I have watched them? My movies are still there (on the bottom at “Top Ranked” after I have watched them but series disapear.

If you go to Library you can see everything. If it is hidden, go to library settings and turn it on. You can make new lists like all TV shows to show up on the front.