How to change a Favourite

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I have changed the shared drive layout which means that a favourite I had set up on my iPhone no longer works. I thought it would be easy to delete the old favourite and search the new drive folder. But not so. How do I go about modifying my favourites list. I have searched the documentation and tried everything (except standing on my head) and am now looking for some help.



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Have you seen the instructions in the users guide on how to delete and add favorites?

Thanks for the quick replay. Yes I have looked at this document. Was successfully able to remove the old favourite. But adding the replacement is the hard part. I want to find the drive folder to add as the favourite and that doesn’t seem to be available. All I get is a list of all the movies I have already loaded.


I’ve found it. Had to go inside the master share and locate the folder I need there.



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Thank you!

Saved me dragging my decrepit first gen SE down to my office and typing in the step by step at it’s pace. Glad you got it running! :smile:

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