How to can I access movies from my external hard drive connected to my macbook pro?

I am able to connect to my macbook pro from my Apple TV 2 and watch the movies saved in my computer but how can I watch the movies on the external hard drive which is connected to my mac?

To access the drive you will want to add it to the Shared Folders list.

More details on doing this can be found here:


Thanks for your answer but I have gone to System Preferences>Files Sharing and have added my external hard drive to the Shared Folders but it doesn’t show up. Any thoughts?


Has this been resolved? My brother is having the same problem with his external HD attached to his iMac, would love to know what the solution is.

What format is the drive you’re trying to share?

AFP will only be able to share HFS+ formatted drives. FAT/NTFS formatted drives must use SMB.

Thanks! I’m trying to set up a New Share via SMB but what is the Workgroup (SMB)? What should I put in that field?


I believe the default is WORKGROUP all capitals.


I have a similar problem, due to NTFS formated external drives

i´ve  established an SMB share and can see the respective drives under My Files. Unfortunately i still cannot access the files. Here´s the error message:

could not open dir(smb://mediathek_Mac_mini.local./Serien). Reason: Invalid argument (22)

Can anybody pls help me out?

Thx a lot !!


That sounds like something worth opening a ticket for from Firecore support.

Is there a reason you’re using an NTFS formatted drive? These are read-only on Mac systems, and unless you need to read the drive on a PC an HFS+ format will serve you much better.

I have a FAT formatted drive and a Journaled drive. I can’t see the journaled drive even after I share it and I can’t access the FAT drive because of the way it is formatted. Is there a way to create a New Share to my macbook via SMB in order to access my FAT drive?