How to avoid upgrading to IOS 5 after jailbreak


I have just jailbroken my Apple TV and now I am in Itunes ready to restore the firmware. In iTunes i get a confirmbox asking me if I am sure i want to upgrade to the latest fiirmware. But as far as i know the latest firmware is IOS 5. So how do i avoid upgrading to IOS 5?


Thanks very much in advance!

If you choose to restore the AppleTV through iTunes it will download and install the latest 4.4 (iOS 5) version. Running Seas0nPass and letting it handle the restore should allow you to install 4.3.

Any plans on making an update for iOS5 to allow for AirPlay Mirrioring?

Not quite sure what you are asking for here?

If you mean the FireCore software running on iOS 5 then as I understand it we are waiting on a suitable jailbreak for iOS 5 and SeaonPass being updated to exploit it.  That I am sure is already being worked on.

If what you are thinking is whether Media Player itself could use this feature of iOS 5 to allow one ATV2 to act as the master and another one to mirror what it is playing that definitely an intriguing idea.   I have no idea if FireCore are thinking of this, but I would certainly be interested in such a feature.

thanks very much!

To make it work in iTunes i needed to chose the file manualy, by pressing shift + restore and then browse the Apple tv firmware in Deas0nPass folder in the document folder.