How to avoid file names being shown in episode list?

I have a question concerning the displayed filenames. I use Infuse for TV series. To get the correct metadata I use Filebot to create a consistent filename so infuse recognizes the file and gets the correct metadata. So far so good.

In the configuration menu I selected NOT to display file names. Problem is the filename is still visible. See attachment.

Is there some setting I’m missing. How do you guys manage to display the correct TV episode titles instead of the filename?

I still don’t understand how I can display the correct titles in inFuse.

What’s the best way to import TV series with the correct metadata?

In the list view I just want to see the episode number + title.

Hmm, what type of device are you streaming from? Are you using UPnP/DLNA by chance?

Have you tried browsing through the Library menu to see if things appear better?

Hi James,

I’m streaming from a windows 10 PC that I use as a server, and simply made a network share of the folders that contain the episodes.

Browsing through the library menu looks good! See attachment. This is the look I like to see using the favorite folders.

I noticed however that not al TV series are recognized as TV series using the library menu, and are categorized under ‘Other’.
Even a whole CSI season. The files are named like this one: CSI Miami - 10x12 - Friendly Fire, but still no metadata is found. With other TV series that are named the same way it works very well as you can see in the screenshots.

Hi, any follow-up on this James?

Sorry, must have missed your last post.

I just tried that filename here, and Infuse picks it up and added correct metadata/artwork as expected.

In your case, it’s possible Infuse has not fully completed it’s first library scan. During the scan, items will be added to the Other section until Infuse scans and matches them.

Hi James,

Thanks for your response. Is there any way I can force the scanning from the files that are still in ‘other’. I already tried updating the library manually.

An example of a file that is not recognized as a tv series is ‘CSI Miami - 10x12 - Friendly Fire’, or Hawaii Five-0 - 7x08 - Hana Komo Pae. No Metadata is found either.

But besides this issue I stil don’t get why I don’t get the correct episode view like I see in the library view in the favorite folders? See attachments in my previous 2 posts.How is this possible as Infuse clearly finds the correct metadata.

James? :wink:

Have you tried using the Edit option in Infuse on one of the affected episodes? This will allow you to scan and match these items manually, which may clear up what’s going on.

Note: Matching a single episode will automatically match other episodes from the same season, so you’re not going to have to do each episode one by one.

I will test that today!

But what about my second question regarding the list view in the favorites vs library look?

Update: editing the metadata worked!

So now only my initial question: why are the episode names shown correctly in the library view and not in the favorite folders? See screenshots in my previous posts.