How to add video files to playlist in Media Player?

Is it possible to create a queue or playlist of video files in Media Player 0.9.4?

There must be an easy answer, but I’ve searched the support site and forums and found none!


Same problem man

If u hold select u can play all files in a folder. Haven’t worked out how to change items in playlist or how to skip through items in playlist??

Just folder based playlists for now unfortunately.

You can set a playlist to loop/shuffle through the Media --> Settings menu, then start the playlist by holding select while a folder is highlighted.

Thanks James, that’s what I thought.

I’m sure non-folder based playlist management is on the TODO list. :)

Cheers James. Would love to be able to skip through items in playlist or select where to start playlist from!

Tks again

Has there been any update on this? One of my favourite things about XBMC is the granularity with playlist creation, control, and navigation. I stilll, to this day, think that this is one of the single biggest functions missing from Media Player, which I prefer in virtually every way / shape / form to XBMC (except this).

I’ll be grateful once this is implemented.

I totally agree, I want to choose what video files is in a playlist.




If it helps get it on the todo list, count my vote!