How to add Twonkey Media UPNP server on ATF Media Player

Hello, I just installed aTV Flash and Media Player. But via add content ATF doesn’t see my Twonkey server on a Windows PC.

What I have to do to configure this? There is no way in ATF to add the servers IP or directories manually.

Thanks, Thorsten

I do not believe that the FireCore Media player will support uPnP (which is what Twonky) exposes.  Whether support is planned I do not know.   Any resaon you cannot simply use a SMB share by-passing Twonky?

However XBMC supports uPnP just fine if you really wqant to use Twonky.

@itimpi thanks, but how can I use SMB share? “add share” does’nt find anything.

Do you have the Windows PC set up with any shares to be found?

I have an Acer H340 Windows Home Server. Guess SMB is disabled. Also with XBMC I do not find any share under “Windows SMB Service” as source.

What service has to be running on the Server. It is a Windows Server 2003 based operating system.

Nothing special as SMB sharing is a basic part of the Windows operating system.     However you have to actively set up some drives/folders to be shared.   Normally it is simply a case of right-clicking the item to be shared and then selecting Properties and going to the Sharing tab to complete the share setup.

yes, but it doesn’t work.

The folder icon shows the small blue hand for a shared folder, but I do not see any share on XBMC or Media Player, just UPNP on XBMC works.